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Introduction To The Internet

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Getting Started. 

Saving A Web Document. 

Email and your browser. 

First Connect.

Introduction to Telnet

Picking your First Resources.

Viewing a Document Offline.

Setting up your browser for email. 

Selecting Newsgroups to Subscribe to.

Configuring Netscape for Telnet 

Bookmarking your resources.

Saving a Graphic.

Creating a Signature File for email. 

Posting to Newgroups

Your First Connect 

Searching the Internet.

Downloading Programs.

Usenet News Groups a lesson in Net Behavoir. 

Posting to newsgroups with attachments

I'm connected, now what? 


Usenet News Groups, configuring Navigator.


Web Words.A GLOSSARY-Terms and Definitions.
What Country is That .au. What country is that.

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