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At the present there are over 200 recognized Country Domain names. Two-letter abbreviations that represent the country names are used in addresses seen on the Internet. The following names (92 to date) represent the country of origin from where someone has downloaded BABEL. This list should be useful when checking the origin of your own mail.

.ae United Arab Emirates .al Albania .am Armenia .ar Argentina .at Austria .au Australia .aw Aruba .be Belgium

.bg Bulgaria .bh Bahrain .bm Bermuda .bn Brunei Darussalam .br Brazil .bs Bahamas .ca Canada .ch Switzerland

.cl Chile .cn China .co Columbia .cr Costa Rica .cy Cyprus .cz Czech Republic .de Germany .dk Denmark

.do Dominican Republic .ec Ecuador .ee Estonia .eg Egypt .es Spain .fi Finland .fo Faroe Islands .fr France

.gb Great Britian .ge Georgia .gl Greenland .gr Greece .gt Guatemala .hk Hong Kong .hr Croatia .hu Hungary

.id Indonesia .ie Ireland .il Israel .in India .is Iceland .it Italy .jm Jamaica .jp Japan .kr Korea (South) .kw Kuwait

.lb Lebanon .lc Saint Lucia .li Liechtenstein .lk Sri Lanka .lt Lithuania .lu Luxembourg .lv Latvia .mc Monaco

.md Moldova .mo Macau .mt Malta .mu Mauritius .my Malaysia .mx Mexico .ni Nicaragua .nl Netherlands

.no Norway .nz New Zealand .pe Peru .ph Phillipines .pk Pakistan .pl Poland .pt Portugal .ro Romania

.ru Russian Federation .se Sweden .sg Singapore .si Slovenia .sk Slovakia (Slovak Republic) .su USSR (former)

.th Thailand .tr Turkey .tt Trinidad and Tobago .tw Taiwan .uk United Kingdom .us United States .uy Uruguay

.ve Venezuela .yu Yugoslavia .za South Africa .zw Zimbabwe