Farming in the Western District has traditionally been made up of Dairy, Beef and sheep, today we have much more variety in our agriculture with the introduction of Alpaca, Deer, Ostrich and Agroforistry.

    Brown Swiss Cattle Breeders Of Australia Inc.

    This page will work to help all the farmers of this region, by making access to agricultural sites on the Internet easy to obtain. As well as providing information on current issues and events around the South Western District.

    Johnes Disease
    General Questions & Answers.
    Ovine Johne's Disease
    General Questions & Answers.

    An extensive website dedicated to the theory that M. paratuberculosis does cause Crohn's disease was created by Mr. Alan Kennedy, an information technology consultant with Crohn's disease living in Ireland. This site presents one perspective on this controversial question. It is an excellent source of background information about Crohn's disease with several links to related websites. The website also provides full text access to recent publications on M. paratuberculosis and Crohn's disease.

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