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Below are a list of Engines built by members of the Cobden Miniature Railways
Bill no7
Chloe no5
Spirit of cobden
Cobden flyer
Denneys dasher
Santa Fe
Baldwin No97

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BALDWIN 2-6-0+T No. 97.
This beautiful sleek black livery with red buffers and white trim is a characteristically "American," steamer  and star of many American westerns. It is owned  by one of S.W.M.E., founding members John Riches of Cobden. No 97 is rather large for 5" Gauge having a 6&1/2" Diameter Boiler feeding 1&3/4" bore cylinders and a "Ride On," Tender. John worked his way through all the fine bits and pieces meticulously and thoroughly.
John Richies and Ian McArthur with Ian's Baldwin on the inner loop surveying the situation before setting off back to Cobden after a photo stop.
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"BILL," STEAMER No.7, 0-4-2 + Tender.
7&1/4" GAUGE.
Owned by Kevin Molan This little mighty midget is affectionately known as 'THOMAS," the Tank Engine, this brightly colored Sky Blue livery complete with Black and Red Trim is one of the most popular Locomotives running around. It has a unique steaming bark as it gallops around Cobden's Rails and lots of steam hissing out of the drain cocks, whistle and well operating steam pump to the delight of all. BILL was retired to the Terang Workshops by Kevin where it underwent a extensive refit of new bushes and the cast iron wheels retyred with steel tyres.
Driver Bayly Smith from Darlington happily awaits departure from No 3 road at Cobden as a full head of steam signifies all ready to go.
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"CHLOE No.5" 7&1/4" Gauge 2-4-0+T.
This fine Green and Silver livery Steamer has clocked up many kilometres of passenger running since inception at Railway Park and is certainly featured in many publicity articles where its unique character attracts all passengers to appreciate the bygone romance of steam hissing out everywhere! Chloe is owned and built by John Wiggins
Owner driver John Wiggins waits as the passengers detrain at Cobden under the very watchful eye of Bernie McQuinn while a little girl marvels at the wonders of steam.
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Owned by David Martin in the splendid British Rail Green Livery and Red Trim. This is one of the most popular Scale Models to be built anywhere in the Model Railway Fraternity.
This engine most probably well exceeds the 57 full sized engines built in old England.  Finely built and well tuned with it's unique "Bark," from the stack it has often plied the raised track in a show of power that is extraordinary for such a fine scale!
David Martin from Cobden is all smiles at the 1997 convention as he poses behind his 31/2" gauge Brittania which is nicknamed "Robin Hood".
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Another of David Martin's well kept steamers in it's Green Livery and Red Trim. This engine has exceptional steaming qualities and has almost as much power as the Brittania hauling many passengers on the raised track. David modified his bum truck to go on the ground level 7&1/4" and 5" dual gauge track. With Safety Valves hissing and a big fire, Moonraker absolutely flies around the mainline, all 1&1/2 kilometres of it with the minimum of fuss.
Well Rugged up on a cold Cobden day, Neil Saunders takes David Martin's 5" Gauge Simplex Moonraker for a run.
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This beautiful Royal Blue Livery with red and black trim, "Mighty Midget," is owned and built by one of S.W.M.E. veteran members Neil Sanders who is a "Hobbyist," through and through! The original Locomotives were built by the Hunslet Engine Company of Leeds in England between 1886 and 1932. Not too long ago Don Young produced Drawings to bring an already small locomotive down to 5" Gauge. Noah started with the purchase of a set of castings way back in 1987 from E & J Winter. After some SEVEN years This loco had it's first run on rails. NOAH has a Six inch diameter copper boiler which delivers the hot stuff with the greatest of ease to the inch and five eighths (1&5/8") diameter cylinders. The balanced "D" Valves are controlled by Stephensons Valve Gear. 
An immaculately clean Noah stands on a steaming bay at Cobden rails awaiting owner Neil Saunders to fire him up for a days run.
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7&1/4" GAUGE.
For the uninitiated, "NEDBOC," is COBDEN spelt backwards! This engine is now Known as No3. Owned by Mike Hose  this beautifully constructed Locomotive is resplendent in it's Royal Blue livery complete with Red and White trim and Black under frame. This locomotive was constructed by the master engineer Allan MacCaskill at his Glen Waverley Workshops and completed in Allan's brand new Curdie Street Cobden workshops. Containing a 5 horsepower Honda driving the ever reliable Hydrostatic Converter to chain drive on the wheels, NEDBOC is proving it's worth recently hauling two fine Yellow and Black Passenger Carriages with ease!  This fine locomotive is also proving to be very versatile in many shunting operations in the Yards.
Allan MacCaskill holds a happy waving grand child on his recently built 'Nedboc". This engine is now Known as No3 and is owned by Mick Hose.
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7&1/4" GAUGE.
This Locomotive is owned by Ron May and is his first attempt at building a power
house Diesel Locomotive, finished in Red & Black livery with Yellow trim. J.L. Walsh designed the Hydraulic pathways, and Alan Davis from Davis Engineering  assisted with the bodywork panels, the Flyer is 14' 3&1/2" between coupling bar pins, 24" wide and 3' high weighing in at 1.080 Tonne. Fortunately the longer than usual 6 wheel bogies do spread the weight easily over a large area.
Bob Davidson takes the flyer under Denneys Bridge during one of Cobdens spring festivals.
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The latest Locomotive to be out shopped from the John Riches Locomotive Workshops (Number EIGHT in fact!) made it's Debut Run on New Year's Day, 2000 much to the huge delight of the Riches Clan of 13 Grand Children!!! The Locomotive is an 0-6-0 Diesel mocked up as a Thomas Tank Engine look alike It is powered by a 5 Horse power Yamaha Motor that is controlled by a centrifugal clutch drive on to Chains connected to all six wheels and runs on 7&1/4" Gauge. John found it to be quite light footed, (Wheel Slipping!) so he added an extra 40 pounds of lead inside the "Water Tanks," to hopefully solve that problem. It's Livery is bright blue with lots of Red Trim, White Trim and Black under frame and took approximately Six Months to build.
The very large Riches clan celebrate John Riches new Thomas the look alike's first run at cobden.
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"OAKSTREAM," Carabou 2-8-0 + T 1&1/2"
Scale 7&1/4" Steam Locomotive.
Ron May purchased this Locomotive which was constructed by Lloyd and Lou Sherlock  in the early 1980's  After purchase, Ron took it to the Curdie St. Railway House work shops to check it over. The Tender was half  full of stagnant and rust! After scraping off the rust, the tender was treated for corrosion repair and repainted internally then it was all placed together and put into operation for a steam test at Diamond Valley and passed. Unfortunately, this is when all the problems surfaced! Needing more inspection plugs to be installed to comply with A.M.B.S.C. Codes, it was discovered that the Boiler contained Stainless Steel Tubes which did not comply with the Code. What followed was a saga too long to relate in these pages, suffice to say though, Oakstream was passed to run by the Work cover Authority of Victoria with some procedures to be followed at all times. Extensive modifications were carried out including a self latching drop down door, extended controls and operating procedures etc.
Bayly Smith is a proud Granddad as he smiles with his little grandson on his knee atop "OAKSTREAM".
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"DENNEY'S DASHER." 0-6-0 Diesel 7&1/4" Gauge Shunter.
This reliable locomotive is most remarkable and is Owned by Geoff Denney
The "Dasher," was built from scratch in his farm workshops and finished in Blue and Yellow livery and has proved to be one of the most reliable locomotives in service. The "Dasher," has been hauling Ron May's 2 Green and Yellow Passenger Cars as well as many other types of Rolling Stock effortlessly and very reliably. Motive power is the same as Bruce Sainsbury's Petrol motor and hydrostatic drive complete with an alternator/generator added it has proved to be quite a strong unit for its I & 1/2" scale.
Owner Geof Denney readies his "Dasher" in the late morning sun at Cobden Railways big turntable it looks very impressive in its blue and yellow livery.
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7&1/4" GAUGE.
The first "Professionally Built," Diesel Locomotive owned by a S.W.M.E. Member, namely, Robert and Beryl Callaway and dedicated to their Son. This fine piece of craftsmanship from Locomotive Builder John Dew of Melbourne was Sign written most impressively by the renowned Livery Painter, Colin Campbell. 
The richly colored Blue and Cream Livery Diesel has graced the Cobden Rails in recent times. After some minor "Teething Problems," this fine locomotive has plied the Rails with great gusto and hauls many appreciative customers in the most complimentary Blue and Cream livery.  Robert has been busy fully braking his Train Consist that has proven most successful in pulling the large train up most effectively indeed! Santa Fe and it's Passenger Carriages have indeed proved it's worth and we hope to see many Kilometres of Passengers traversed for many years to come!
Robert Callaway highballs up the grade to old Cobden from denneys bridge with load of happy passengers at the festival run
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SPANNER'S DB 0-6-0 Diesel 7&1/4" Gauge.
Owned by the quiet Bruce Sainsbury this Red and Yellow livery Shunter was one of the original locomotives that commenced service at Cobden Miniature Railway and I believe the first to run it's wheels on the track in the early days of construction. Years of regular passenger service also took its toll as Bruce had to workshop DB to have it's 6 driving wheels replaced and many worn parts repaired or refurbished. DB has proven to be one of the most reliable locomotives around, responding well to all those who have driven it many countless kilometres at the responsive throttle. It is back in service once again sharing the load when needed.
A well rugged up Ron Merigan powers Bruce "Spanners" Sainsbury's DB Diesel into Cobden's up arrival No2 track.
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A "Sister," Locomotive to No 97 with all the same characteristics nicely finished in green livery with black trim and polished brass is owned and built by our first Honorary Life Member, lan McArthur. Due to illness lan has not been able to spend the time on his masterpiece as much as he would like and this 80 year old veteran modeller has his unnamed locomotive nearly complete and in the process of "Fine Tuning," it all up to scratch. We all hope it won't be too long before she graces the Cobden Rails and who knows? It may be a dream come true to see both these fine Baldwins in tandem hauling passengers or the like around sounding their song of steam!
Outside John Riches workshop No97 poses elegantly with that stunning shine in John's backyard.
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"SPIRIT OF COBDEN." Co-Co Diesel 7&1/4"
Gauge 2" to V Scale.
This locomotive was scratch built by it's Owner, Graham Ralph at Ron May's Curdie St Loco workshops. When Ron offered him two six wheel bogies to commence construction of Ralphys Dream!" Graham got stuck into it right away in earnest to construct the first of Cobden Miniature Railway's "Sit-in-the-Cab!" 2" to the Foot Scale Locomotive! The Bogies were properly "Squared Up," and fitted with the appropriate chain sprockets to take massive 3/4 chains, the under frame was constructed with a seat placed along with the motor and gearbox sited to give good comfort for the driver. After much deliberation, Graham decided to model as near as possible the Australian National's EL Class Locomotive bodywork. Graham then painted the EL a very attractive Dark Green and Yellow Livery completed with the name, "Spirit of Cobden," attached, the EL has seen many kilometres of Passenger traffic since! Graham has recently constructed yet another "Caboose," style Guards'Van!
Owner Graham Ralph powers his locomotive express through lake side siding at old Cobden with a fully loaded train on a fine and sunny day.

The Text for this page was gathered from articles written by Ron May.
All photo's were taken by Dale Holmes.
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