Lismore Business Centre
ACN 004 325 544
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19 High St. Lismore Vic 3324
Ph. 03 5596 2023  Fax. 03 5596 2079  Mob. 014 677 048
Office Hours:  9:30 am - 12:30 pm weekdays.
Available for farm buyers of local land, including farm inspection, overseeing,
details on contractors, treeplanting, etc. FEEDTEST and soil test detail.
Management Service and Consultancy. Tree seed supplies:- Species, Range
and Prices. Seedling supplies. Discount for Bulk Buying.
Details are frequently updated
Socks, Skins, Sheepskins, Boots, Tree Planting & Pruning Equipment, 
Solar Electric fence energisers.
Produced by Lismore Business Centre Pty. Ltd. monthly.
Plant a 1000 trees in an hour, then plant a thousand more, without getting dirty.
The Heart of the Sugar Gum Forest