Lismore was first settled in 1840 by John Brown who was Traveling west in search of suitable land. While crossing a creek, the axle of his bullock dray broke and he was forced to camp on the site where Lismore now stands. The area became known as Browns Water holes, later it was named Lismore in 1853, possibly after a town in County Water ford, Ireland. The Aboriginal name for the area was Bongerimennin. Lismore lies on the edge of a granite outcrop in a volcanic plain consisting of basaltic lava flows and materials ejected in fragments from various orifices. Volcanic activity was relatively recent and some probably occurred during Aboriginal occupation of the area, perhaps 10,000 years ago. The Western Plains at the time of settlement were lightly covered with casuarinas, banksias and acacias with the native grass growing mostly in tussocks.
Scenery and Buildings
The White Swan Hotel was Lismore's first and only building for many years. Other early buildings included blacksmith, store, schoolroom and teachers dwelling.
Urara Yabbie Farmcan be visited if a prior appointment is made.
The Old Store which was constructed in 1925 now houses a collection of dolls, prams and other household items from the last century to the present day.
Presbyterian Church This beautiful church was built from locally quarried bluestone in 1864.
Old Post Office Built in 1915.
Flax Mill Built in 1943 the flax was produced locally and used for Army webbing.
Lismore HotelOriginally Built in 1911, rebuilt on the current site.
Bird Life Lismore and its surrounding district is home to over 80 species of birds which include brolga, various species of wild ducks, wedge tailed eagle, honey eaters, herons, cockatoo's, and parrots.
Lismore offers plenty to do and relax with fishing, sailing and camping at lake at lake Etttick.
Walks up Mt Elephant to view the crater (permission needed) and the Browns Water Holes walking track. For the sports enthusiast there is a 9 hole golf course, tennis and squash courts, swimming pool, lawn bowls, football, cricket and netball.
Lismore Hotel1 High St. Lismore Ph ( 03 ) 55962030.
Elephant Bridge Hotel Hamilton Highway Darlington  ( 03 ) 5597 9231.
Darlington Hotel(03) 5597 9231.
Derrinallum Hotel / Motel(03) 5597 6641.
Bed & Breakfast:
David & Jill Deane "Kooraweera" Homestead via Camperdown ( 03 ) 5593 8235.
Lawton & Margaret French "Rockbank" Derrinallum ( 03 ) 5597 6626.
Alistair & Caroline Gleeson "Ettrick" Camperdown ( 03 ) 5597 0212.
Lyle & Elsbeth Buntine "Bellevue"Darlington ( 03 ) 5597 9262.
The "Elms" Derrinallum (03) 5597 6517.
Yellangip Country HousePura Pura Rd DarlingtonVic 3271TEL: (03) 5597-9203.
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